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10 Things I Should Do But Don't

1. Demand a receipt at the gas pump to check against my debit account. I know I should, but seriously--how often does it come up incorrect?  Like, zero.  And if I add up all the time it takes to log on to my account, find each transaction, and check them against the receipts . . . yeah.  So many better things to do.

2.  Sort the laundry into whites and colors every week.  Know what I figured out?  Modern detergents do a pretty good job at any temperature, with or without bleach, and I can cut my laundry time in nearly half by not sorting white socks.  Know what else?  New socks are cheaper than the time it takes to sort the laundry.

3.  Inspect my kids' homework every single day.  Some days I forget or don't have time.  The sky has failed to fall.

4.  Keep credit card statements.  Everyone says I should keep them to check the end-of-year statements for accuracy.  Sure.  See #1 above.

5.  Keep retirement account statements.  Continue checking with #1.

6.  Put a timer on the kids' computer/TV time.  What am I, a drill sergeant?  They get bored eventually and find something else to do.  I watched an enormous amount of TV when I was a child.  I also read four billion books, rode horses, climbed trees, and played tag in the barn.

7.  Get to know all my neighbors.  I'm not very social, to tell the truth, and don't really want to know them.  When you know people, you have to stop and talk to them when you go get the mail, and I just want to get the mail.

8.  Exercise daily.  The "you can find 20 minutes for exercise" is horse manure--you also have to change clothes, warm up, cool down, change out of your clothes, take a shower, and get dressed again, so that 20 minute workout ends up being 45.  And some days I rush from before sunup until long after sundown.  Other days I just don't want to.  So there.

9.  Play my harp.  See #8 above.

10.  Update my blog.  Ah well.  We can't all be perfect.


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Jun. 19th, 2012 03:31 pm (UTC)
Fer sher
I agree with all of these. Except #9. I always find time to play my harp.
Jun. 20th, 2012 02:12 am (UTC)
As for 5 - I recently found a mistaken transfer of funds out of my investment account to some unknown person - someone had had an uncaught-in-the-office slip of the finger on a computer. So it really is important to cast a beady eyeball in that direction!
Jun. 20th, 2012 03:04 am (UTC)
I read 'em. I don't keep 'em.
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