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This year, Detroit won the bid for NasFic.  It became known as DetCon1, and lo, it was good.  My friend Tammy Coxen was con chair, and lord!  What a job she took on!  Admirably done, too.

Since the Renaissance Center is my backyard, I decided to daytrip the event.  Darwin actually wanted to go, and so did Aran.  We also dragged Maksim, who never wants to go to anything but inevitably has fun once he arrives.

Friday it was just Darwin and me, though.  I hooked up with numerous friends, sat on some really good panels, and showed Darwin what a convention was like. Although he's been to two steampunk events, this was his first SF con.  A group of decided to go to the Pegasus in Greektown for supper.  The place is within easy reach on the Detroit People Mover (a very small elevated train loop which is the extent of Detroit's train system).

We arrived at the enormously popular Pegasus and were seated immediately.  Just a few minutes later, the restaurant filled to the brim and spilled out onto the sidewalk.  Not an empty table in sight!  Boy, did we arrive at just the right time. I had lamb with spaghetti, and it was tender and delicious.

The mass autographing was after Friday supper, and a group of us took over a row of tables.  I wasn't expecting much--I almost never get asked to sign books at a local con because so many people know me already and no one gets excited about my books much.  But to my surprise I got a half dozen people with multiple books they wanted signed.

Saturday we got up early--my first panel was at 10:00 AM--and had a Day of Handing Off.  Kala, who was also at the con, would take the boys for an hour or two, then we'd find each other and I'd take them for an hour or two.  Back and forth it went.  But it worked well, and thank heavens for texting.

I had more panels.  The best one of the day was the discussion about women in Marvel superhero movies.  I was also interviewed for The Rack, an SF podcast.  It was a great time, and when the podcast goes live, I'll post a link here!

Now that the mass autographing was over, I visited the book dealer to sign stock, and behold!  They only had a few copies left!  Nearly everything of mine had sold during the con!  That was awesome to see.

There was much socializing.  We spent a great deal of time with Traci Castleberry, who was one of my grad students at Seton Hill and with whom I've stayed in touch after she graduated.  She's in Arizona now, and it was really cool to see her in person again.

A little ways after supper, we were seriously pooping out.  (One of the disadvantages of commuting to the con is that you can't go up to a hotel room and rest.)  So we headed home.  It was a great time!


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Jul. 27th, 2014 07:56 pm (UTC)
It was nice to see you made it to Detcon1! Thanks for being a part of it!
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