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Long Exam Week

Usually exam week feels like a mini vacation week for me.  No, really.  I spend the mornings proctoring my own exams (and grading the ones I've already collected).  Then the students leave for the day and I can go out for lunch like a grownup.  In the afternoon, I either grade exams in the quiet of my classroom or work up lesson plans.  For the students it's often stressful and frantic, but for me, it's laid-back and easy, a welcome break.

This year, however, it was totally crazy.  I have more than the usual number of special education students, and with it came more than the usual amount of exam drama.  Among my regular students came an extra dose of angst as well.  I also had a project to grade for my seniors.  On top of it, the English 12 curriculum has changed (again), and the material that starts off second semester is totally new to me, which requires several hours of research and preparation.

All this meant exams were more chaotic than kind this year.  In the end, I did get everything done--exams marked, grades posted, lesson plans finished.  But it was a squeak.  And even then I got email Friday night and Saturday morning about student issues that required me to go back and redo some material.


But it's a three-day weekend.  I will enjoy it.

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