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Aran and the Car

We've been looking for a car for Aran for a while.  The difficulty has really been that by "we," I mean "I," since Aran is at school and can't look for a car on his own.

I looked at this car and that car, but none of them impressed me or reassured me.  Like most people, I greatly dislike buying cars, especially used ones, because you just have no way of knowing if it'll turn into a money sink or not.  So I remained wary.

Then one day my mother called.  She was buying a new car and wanted to trade in her Prius during the transaction.  However, if we were still looking for a car with Aran, she thought we might want to buy it instead.

Yes.  Yes, we did.  It was a good car.  I knew its history.  And--hybrid!

We settled on price and then arranged for delivery.  My mother lives about two hours away, so we met halfway between her place and mine at Tony's Restaurant in Birch Run.

Tony's is most famous for its huge portions of deep fried bacon.  And it's always busy.  It didn't help that there was a gun show just up the road that day.  As we followed the greeter to our table, I coudln't help wondering how many people were carrying.  A number of them looked like they would draw on anyone who touched their bacon platters.

Incidentally, Tony's goes through 11,000 pounds of bacon per week.  That's 286 tons per year, or all the bacon from from 57,200 pigs (assuming a robust 10 pounds of bacon per pig).

Anyway, we found my mother and her husband Gene and had a very nice lunch together, then went outside to get Aran's new car.  Aran was both excited and nervous, though anyone who didn't know him wouldn't have realized it.

Since the car is a hybrid, everything is electric.  Even the gear lever is a switch.  Aran drove it around the parking lot a few times to get a feel for things, and then we headed off.  I rode with Aran while Darwin followed in the other car.

Aran was nervous at the wheel.  He's never been a happy driver, and the accident with the Cobalt threw him badly.  However, after about twenty minutes he calmed down.  We got home without incident.

The next day he had to go back to MCTI.  Aran wasn't ready to drive two and a half hours by himself, so I rode with him again while Darwin followed.  The Prius also doesn't have a built-in GPS, so I installed the one from my truck on the grounds that Aran is familiar with it.  I would buy a new one later.

Aran acquitted himself perfectly well on the long drive, including a rest stop, and we got all the to MCTI just fine.  We helped him unload and left him there.

With his car.

That he'll have to drive back by himself.

I'm trying not to hyper-ventilate.



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Mar. 23rd, 2016 04:38 pm (UTC)
Congratulations to Aran on the "new" car (and to Dad for handling the big moment well).

I hope your mother and Gene also brought two cars to the meeting place. :)

Don't forget to make sure that the GPS you installed has the latest maps and firmware. I use a standalone GPS, and have to update the maps every six months to be sure I've got the latest. I bought the lifetime updates package from the manufacturer.
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