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Spring Break Report

It's been a weird spring break.  It's budget season for Darwin at his job, so he's been horrifyingly busy at his office.  The tax monster took an unexpected big bite from us.  I have a freakishly tight deadline.  And the weather, which through March was delightfully warm and pleasant, has turned cold, snowy, and awful.  So we haven't gone anywhere or done anything.

I've spent the week chained to my keyboard.  The aforementioned deadline is keeping my busy, and I also got the page proofs for another project at the same time, so it's a working break.  Darwin has been getting home late thanks to the budget.  =He= is taking next week off for vacation.

My vacation activities have been limited to sleeping late, watching THE FORCE AWAKENS, keeping up with my running, and playing TALISMAN with Maksim.
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