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Where Do You Throw Out a Wastebasket?

When Kala and I got married, we got a large kitchen wastebasket.  The cats liked to tip it over, so we put two bricks in the bottom.  Problem solved.  We still have it.  We later got one with a flip top on it and put the old one in the laundry room.  By then, it was seriously cracked and falling apart because we'd dragged it around with the bricks in the bottom, straining the plastic.  In fact, it was so badly cracked and torn that it barely held a trash bag.  But for a laundry room wastebasket, it was fine.

Along came Mackie.

One day several weeks ago while Kala and I were out, Mackie set fire to the kitchen wastebasket.  Sasha was supposed to be watching him, but, we later discovered, his version of "watching Maksim" was for Sasha to play on the computer in my office while Maksim did what he pleased.  Mackie got hold of some matches I didn't even know we had, lit them one by one, and tossed them in the wastebasket.  Eventually, the contents caught fire.

Mackie had the presence of mind to fill a glass with water and pour it onto the fire, which put it out.  He didn't say anything to Sasha, who was so engrossed on the computer that he didn't even notice the house was filling with smoke.  (We still don't know why the smoke detector didn't go off.  It was on, and even now it goes off if you burn toast, but the wastebasket fire left it silent.)

When Kala and I got home, we found the house all smoky.  We thought one of the boys had made macaroni and cheese and spilled something on a stove burner.  Then I saw the flip top of the wastebasket was melted and looked inside.  The tale became clear.  I summoned both Sasha and Maksim and got the story out of them.  Sasha was totally amazed--he still had no idea that anything had happened.

A scene of unimaginable parentlal displeasure followed.  Sasha lost many privileges and several weeks' allowance.  He also now has to be in the same room with Maksim if he's babysitting, and we ask Aran, who won't lie, if he follows through on this.

At any rate, this all meant that we really needed to replace the kitchen wastebasket.  So I headed off to the store.

Found a new wastebasket.  And some new shelving for under the kitchen sink.  (The old stuff was a bunch of falling-apart crap.)  And a new lunch bag for me.  And some cleaning supplies.  It was nice having the van to put the tall basket into.

Got it all home and switched the wastebaskets around.  It seemed weird to put a wastebasket into a trash container, though.


Apr. 6th, 2009 02:04 am (UTC)
Aran babysitting Sasha babysitting Mackie! LOL! So glad that didn't turn out worse. It's somehow comforting to know that Mackie hasn't become a TOTAL creme puff. :-)

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