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Running and Watching

My relationship with television is a strange one.  I have a hard time just sitting down and watching television.  Like a Puritan farmer, I feel I should be doing something.  When we got a DVR, for example, I hoarded TV shows so I would have something to watch while I graded papers.  Now I usually watch TV while I'm cooking.  But just sitting and watching?  Rare.

Now that I have a treadmill again, I can watch TV while I'm running.  This is usually a good thing.  But some TV shows are better than others.  I run for about 45 minutes (counting warmup and cool-down), which is the length of a so-called hour-long show, or two half-hour shows.  However . . .

Running alternates between dull and painful.  When I'm outside, I can handle the painful because I love being outside.  I kill the dull with music or talking books or Zombies, Run!  Indoors, the dull is worse.  TV doesn't always help, oddly.  A show has to have a great deal going on to distract me from both the dull and the pain.  Action shows are good at this.  ARROW is a good choice.  SHIELD used to be, but I gave that show up.  CASTLE, however, doesn't work.  The incessant talking and detective work is entertaining if I'm sitting and watching, but tedious when I'm on the treadmill.

THE SIMPSONS and FUTURAMA (on rerun) work well.  The fast pace and constant jokes distract me nicely.  JEOPARDY, surprisingly, is also a winner.  The barrage of questions keeps my mind occupied.

If I watch a movie, it similarly has to be fast-paced and/or funny.  Pixar and DreamWorks movies are good.  Thrillers are iffy--too much downtime while people sneak around or deliver exposition through walk-and-talk.  Shoot 'em ups are boring when I'm sitting but cool on the treadmill.  Go figure.

And speaking of which, it's time to run . . .


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Feb. 20th, 2014 02:26 am (UTC)
I actually find that running inside with headphones on (for music) and some "moving image" works reasonably well for me. I have specific soundtracks/playlists that work well for running, and as long as there is _something_ going on in front of my eyes I don't get bored at all. At the gym I pick a treadmill that's near the windows so I get some real-life entertainment whenever I can, but if not, the TV works just fine, regardless of what program it was on - even American football, which I have never understood in the slightest (soccer is so much more sensible somehow... but I digress).
Feb. 20th, 2014 03:28 am (UTC)
I wonder if anyone's ever examined what people do to entertain themselves on a treadmill.
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