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Cloned Twinkies

A while ago I came across a recipe for making Twinkies at home, yesterday I decided to try it.  It appealed to the complicated baker in me.

First I had to make molds for the cakes, which I did out of tin foil.  Then I made the batter, which came out just fine, and carefully filled the molds.  Baking was no trouble, and they came out perfectly.  Then I whipped the filling.

I don't own a pastry gun to get the filling in there, but I have a trick that works just as well.  I scooped the flling into a plastic ziplock bag, squeezed out the air, and snipped off a bottom corner.  Presto!  Instant pastry gun.  I filled the cales through the bottoms and had quite a lot of leftover filling.  I might try for some filled cupcakes later or something.

Once they were done, I sealed each in a small snack bag.  Twinkies!  They tasted great, and the boys certainly liked them.



Jun. 13th, 2008 04:17 pm (UTC)
Well, not =all= of them. :)

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