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Vacation, Baby! Part 3

Sunday, we lounged about the cottage, resting from Saturday's exertions.  I read some more and went out for some bike riding around the area.  We played DUNGEON some more and barbecued on the grill.  Maksim and I went boating and swimming.  Later, so did Darwin and I.  There was some kind of pontoon boat party going on in the shallows farther up the shore, and we watched the people for a bit as we drifted by.  We had a final fire that evening, and all decided we didn't want to leave in the morning.

But Monday dawned, and we had to pack up.  We'd rented the place through Airbnb, so we did more than the usual cleanup, but it didn't take long.  In no time at all, the car was loaded, the bikes were on the rack, and we were ready to head home.

It was a fine vacation!


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