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Darwin's Birthday

Today we celebrated Darwin's 49th birthday.  Happy birthday, Darwin!

His birthday was actually yesterday, but he had to run a council meeting in the evening, so we put it off until today.  I asked him what kind of cake he wanted, and he said, "Cheesecake!  With raspberries!"

So over the weekend I set to work.  Three and a half pounds of cream cheese gave their all, baby!  I lined the bottom of my second-biggest springform pan with a buttery graham cracker crust, spooned in the smooth batter, set it in a hot water bath in the oven, and let it bake.  It came out perfectly!  As it happened, the store had raspberries on sale.  Cool!  I snagged a bunch, along with some raspberry topping (the raspberries weren't cheap enough to make home-made topping) and some cherry topping, too.

The boys were with me at the store, and I had them pick out a card each for Darwin.  Maksim picked one that played Gloria Estefan's "Conga" at you, and Aran picked a tender one that addressed the recipient as "Dad."

"Darwin's not your dad," Maksim said protested.

"That's the one I'm picking," Aran insisted stoutly.

I also asked Darwin what he wanted for supper that day.  Tradition states the birthday boy gets to have his favorite, you see.  But here he shrugged.  "I'm fine with anything," he said.  Darwin is extravagantly indifferent about food, if it isn't dessert.  When I'm making out the menu for the week and I ask for requests or ideas, he shrugs and says, "I'm fine with anything."  Getting food wants from him is like pulling teeth from a walrus!  We were over a year into our relationship before I discovered one of his favorite foods was cod, for example.

As it happens, I also know he loves parboiled chicken, and so do the boys, so that's what I ended up making.

For a present, I got him a t-shirt that says CITY MANAGER ONLY BECAUSE FREAKIN AWESOME IS NOT AN OFFICIAL JOB TITLE.  I saw him admiring it on-line a while ago and made a mental note of the web site.

Supper was delicious, and afterward we sang "Happy Birthday" and enjoyed rich and heady cheesecake with fresh raspberries on top.

Darwin liked the shirt very much, and he adored the cards.  It was a fine birthday.



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Jul. 29th, 2015 05:11 am (UTC)
Okay, so I have to ask. How is parboiled chicken a dish? (And also, where did you find that shirt?)
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