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Aran's Driving Tests

Several weeks ago, Aran went in for his first driving test.  I had Kala take him to the testing grounds because I can't handle watching this kind of thing.

He didn't even make it out of the parking lot--they asked him to back into a parking space, which confused him terribly.  (I'm not sure why this is on the Mcihigan driving test. I've never come across a situation in which I was forced to back INTO a parking space.  Out, yes.  In, no.)  The parallel parking section he was perfectly able to do, but he'd practiced with our truck and our big trash container as markers, and the test uses tiny cones.

At home, I drilled him on the parking and the backing, using Maksim's soccer cones, until Aran was tired and sweaty from cranking the wheel around.  A week later, he tried again.  This time he aced the parking lot, but out in the street, he went for a yellow light that turned red.  That ended the test.  I wasn't happy with him over that.  Not only does he know better, each test costs $50.

I told him he was paying for the next test.

After he got back from Camp Grace Bentley, a summer camp for autists and other people with challenges, he signed up for a third test.  This time . . . he passed!

He and Kala stood in line for a little over an hour at the Secretary of State's office and finally got it.  Woo hoo!



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Jul. 30th, 2015 06:15 pm (UTC)
Congratulations to Aran. A fine accomplishment.

It seems rare these days to meet a young person who passes their road test on the first try. My daughter was failed as she pulled out from the curb the first time. A car, that she saw coming, blew by her, and then stopped short in the right lane, and proceeded to make a left turn. She stopped her motion smoothly, but the examiner literally screamed in panic, and failed her because the examiner "had to take control of the vehicle". As-if.

In New York, the fee for the permit includes 3 free road test appointments. After that, there are additional fees. Luckily, my daughter passed on her second try. And now, it's my son's turn to schedule his appointment.

Ah, well. It's a fine rite of passage, even if it also presages a sudden increase in gray hair in the parents (for some of us).
Jul. 30th, 2015 11:31 pm (UTC)
I just wish Michigan gave three free road test tries.
Jul. 31st, 2015 01:21 am (UTC)
Yay Aran!

(That thing about backing into parking spaces, though - in the UK it's absolutely standard practice, and I'm still bewildered why you don't do it over here. Maybe I'm brainwashed, but it seems so inherently safer to back into an empty space and drive forward into the stream of traffic and pedestrians, rather than vice versa...)
Aug. 2nd, 2015 05:13 am (UTC)
An internet friend in Nova Scotia had to back into a parking space for his driving test. many of us US drivers were boggled by this.

My mother started backing into our driveway out of self-defense -- when she started, we still had a garage and a 1971 Cutlass stationwagon. the car would have its back end hanging out in the alleyway/street before she could see anyone coming. I never learned to do it, but she still does it, at speeds that make me worry for the neighborhood pets.
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