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Reality Show Politics

Let's be clear, here: nobody thinks Donald Trump is a viable candidate for president. They're just cheering on the clown and waiting to see what entertaining thing he does next.

Unfortunately, a lot of people see this as a reality show. Who will get voted off the island next? Which contestant will get fired?  Who will the judges insult?  Donald Trump, remember, used to run such a show, and he's doing it again.

On a reality show, the person with th
e biggest, brashest personality often wins right up until the end, when he gets kicked off the show.  But here's the danger: this ISN'T a reality show.  This ISN'T a comedy.  This ISN'T a game show.  This is the very serious process of choosing who will run for the president of the most powerful country in the world.

Right now, we're experiencing a mockery of our political system and people think it's cool and funny. This is dangerous.  Yeah, I'm interested in seeing how badly it weakens the GOP, but when the American people begin seeing their own politics as a reality show or a game show, we're in trouble.

The media needs to ignore Donald Trump.  Let him die of attrition.  Allow our nation to become more serious about its own future.


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