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The Worst of Cindy Gamrat

Cindy Gamrat, the Michigan Tea Party Represenatative who had an affair with fellow Tea Party Rep and office mate Todd Courser, is going to break her long-term silence with a statement on Friday.



People have pointed out that Courser is a hypocrite of the worst order.  He danced atop a bible during his campaign and had a lovely time bashing the LGBT community while professing an undying devotion to "traditional marriage" and "religious freedom."  Once he was caught with his hand up his office mate's cookie jar, he tried to lie his way out of it by releasing a smoke screen to "inocculate the herd" with lies that were, he figured, so outrageous that no one would believe the truth or care about it later.  One of the lies in Courser's vaccine was that he had sex with a male prostitute behind a Lansing night club.

Yes, Todd Courser decided that having sex with a man was so shocking, so horrifying, so filthy, that no one would mind at all when he came out with the truth about his affair.

Cindy Gamrat, meanwhile, has been . . . if not ignored by the media, at least given a wary distance.  Courser has been sucking up all the attention you see.

But she's an even bigger hypocrite.  She's an OPEN hypocrite.

Gamrat's district includes Allegan County.  Allegan County snuggles up to Lake Michigan and contains the cities of Saugatuck and Douglas.  In the late 1800s, when the timber industry gave out, both Saugatuck and Douglas transitioned from shipping centers to tourist resorts.  Somewhere in the 1920s or 1930s, they became a destination for gay tourists.  Gay men from Chicago took advantage of the short drive to vacation on Lake Michigan away from the city with other like-minded men.  The town became accustomed to it.  After the Stonewall riots in New York, the town began advertising about it, hoping to attract more money during the recession of the 70s.  Today, it's central to Saugatuck and Douglas's economy.

In other words, gay tourism is one of the main sources of income for Gamrat's district.  She couldn't survive without the LGBT community.  And yet she campaigned on an anti-LGBT platform.

Why?  Western Michigan is very conservative, except for the little island that is Saugatuck/Douglas.  The Tea Party got ticked at their incumbent GOPpie representative and during the primaries, got Gamrat on the ballot.  (The Tea Party, remember, is very good at getting people to the polls during primaries.)  Michigan is also heavily gerrymandered, thanks to the Tea Party being in charge during the last census, and no Democrat has a hope of getting elected in any western district.  So hypocrite Gamrat got elected.

Now it's catching up with her.

I'm interested in what she might say, though unless it's "I resign," I doubt it'll be very satisfactory.



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Aug. 16th, 2015 12:16 pm (UTC)
It was something like, "Gee, this looks bad, but it's my private business with my family and I'm not resigning." I don't think she's been so much ignored by the media as unavailable, and that may be the wisest thing she could do for her own personal interests. Obviously, none of it shows any accountability or altruism.

By the way, when Courser was running for election, he covertly circulated a flyer accusing him of molesting children so he could look like a victim and get sympathy.
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