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Want $325,000? Apply to the EAA!

The Education Achievement Authority was created in 2011 to "turn around" the lowest performing 5% of Michigan's public schools.  A school that was declared to be in the EAA was detached from its regular school district and put into the EAA instead.  All such schools--surprise, surprise--were African-American populated schools in Detroit.

During the four years of its existence, it has not changed a single school.  Not one school improved, and more than one school actually DECLINED.  Teachers in the EAA were promised bonuses if they achieved certain benchmarks, and said bonuses were never paid.  The main computer program that was supposed to run the EAA's curriculum never worked properly, but teachers were required to continue using it anyway.  Curriculum materials never arrived, forcing teachers to somehow teach to EAA standards without EAA materials--and sometimes without being told what those standards were.

Finally, amid controversy over where great piles of EAA money had disappeared to, the EAA chancellor John Covington, resigned his contract early and fled the state.

Rather than disband the EAA as a bad idea, however, the State of Michigan, at Governor Rick Snyder's order, is trying to EXPAND and take on MORE SCHOOL.  And they've hired a new chancellor.

Well, "hired" is a loose term.  See, she was the only applicant.  Seriously, she was.  They did have two applicants for the job, but one of them withdrew.

This happened at my school district once.  We were looking for a high-level administrator, and, for various reasons, all the candidates the district interviewed withdrew, leaving only one.  By law, the district was unable to choose that person. They had to start the hunt over so they could have more than one candidate.

But not, it seems, the EAA.

So meet Chancellor Veronica Conforme of New Jersey. For her work at the EAA (where she will oversee about 7,200 students, she will receive:

--a salary of $325,000
--$25,000 for relocation
--security protection
--$8,000 annually for vehicle allowance
--$5,000 annually for purchasing life insurance

Medical benefits are not mentioned in the press release, but her total benefit here is $363,000 plus the cost of her security detail.

All this money despite the fact that the EAA HAS NOT HELPED A SINGLE STUDENT.  Not one.
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