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Wedding Ceremony

The next major project for the wedding is writing the ceremony.  So much to work out!  Basic structure, music, vows.  Darwin and I spent hours on it.  As the writer and most experienced ritualist in the family, I took point and roughed out a ceremony, which Darwin then responded to.  Much to-ing and fro-ing followed.  The music consumed a fair amount of discussion.  We have a small wedding party, so did we really want separate music for the groomsmen and the grooms?  (Yes. We did.)  What music did we want?

I play harp at so many weddings that I'm used to helping people choose harp music.  A surprising number of people tell me, "You choose. Play something nice."  This mystifies me a little--as a musician, I want the music to mean something.

After a certain amount of discussion, we settled on "Canon in D" for the ring bearer and groomsmen (because we both like it and I've played it for so many people that I want it for =me= now) and "Planxty Alan" for the two of us (because it's my favorite harp song).  For the recessional, we chose Vivaldi's "Autumn" because of the time of year.  We need one more music cue for the unity ceremony, which we also need to work out.

We lost track of time working on this and were startled to notice it was nearly 1:30 AM!  But the ceremony is nearly finished.


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