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Parking Outrage

On Saturday Darwin and I went to Royal Oak to pick up his wedding ring.  When we arrived, we discovered a street festival in the midst of set-up.  All the area street parking was taken up by festival vehicles, and big FESTIVAL PERMIT PARKING ONLY signs were everywhere at the curbs.  The only places to park were businesses that were renting out spaces in their parking lots for $10.  We didn't want to pay $10 to go in and get a ring, so we drove a few blocks farther away from downtown into a residential zone.  Here, the PERMIT PARKING ONLY signs vanished.  We found a spot by a sign that said we were able to park:

(The blue ribbon is a cancer awareness thing.)  Notice the utter lack of signs that shout for a permit.  The day was Saturday, and we were there smack during the middle of the day.  All legal.

When we came back about an hour later, we found a ticket on the windshield.  $50 fine, it decreed.  "Arts Beats Street Permit Parking Only. No Permit."  But there were no signs anywhere to indicate the street parking ban went this far, if it actually did.  And, the ticket continued, if we didn't pony up within 72 hours, the fine was $100.  Because of the holiday weekend, 72 hours carries us into Tuesday.  There's only one day to file a protest.  Which you have to do in person.

Oh, we were furious!

I took several pictures (one of which you can see above).  We'll file a protest against the son of a bitch regardless.
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