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Driving Back

Yesterday we drove Aran back to MCTI.  Man, what a drive! It's two and a half hours each way, plus time for lunch and a gas-up.  When we arrived, we also paused there long enough to find out how Aran could use the shuttle bus into Plainwell so he could get to a store. From there, we also learned there's a bi-weekly movie run to a theater and a weekly run to a shopping mall.

Because MCTI is on a lake, the place has several opportunities for water recreation.  There's kayaking, pontoon boating, swimming, and fishing (complete with gutting station and kitchen for cooking).  We should have brought swimming gear for ourselves--no one would have minded if we'd gone in.  This was where we learned that Aran had already gone kayaking, something he'd never done before in his life.  Cool!

And then it was the long drive back.  Whew!


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