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MCTI Facts

The Michigan Career and Technical Institute, where Aran is attending school, sits on Pine Lake and in the middle of a cornfield.  (It's also, unfortunately, in the district of the horrifying former Representative Cindy Gamrat.)  MCTI is run by the State of Michigan, and I thought it was built where it is because the land was cheap.  It turns out this isn't the case.

MCTI was originally a camp for "disadvantaged and disabled children" established in the 1930s by W.K. Kellogg.  Yes, the guy who founded the cereal company.  Over the last seventy-some years, it has evolved into its current state as a vocational and trade school.

There's a short timeline of the place here: http://www.pinelk.org/content/historical/mcti/mcti.html

So MCTI has a much more interesting history than I thought!

Aran so far absolutely loves it there.  "This place is awesome!" he told me with great enthusiasm on the phone last time we talked.

Incidentally, MCTI grants free tuition, room and board, books, and fees to students with qualifying handicaps (including autism).  So if you live in Michigan, it is worth investigating.
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