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The New Trail

A while ago, I was talking to one of our neighbors and lamenting the fact that there's no place near our house to ride a bicycle.  "Everything is subdivisions and busy streets," I said.  "You can't ride anywhere.  If I want to do serious biking, I have to drive down to the nature trail by the junior high school."

"There's a bike just over there," she said off-handedly.

I zeroed in.  "Where?!"

She gave me directions.  It turned out to be maybe a half mile away.  The entrance dips down behind a ridge by traffic light and curves into the trees, so it's very hard to see.  I'd driven past it literally thousands of times in the past 20 years of living and working here and never noticed it.

I went down on my bike and explored it.  Lovely!  Long trails that wind through dense woods.  Wooden bridges that cross lazy creeks.  Little side trails that vanish into the trees.  It was wonderful.

Later, Darwin and I went through it on a walk, and he was enchanted as well.  "How long has this been here?" he asked.

"Decades, I think," I said.  "Who knew?"

Now we do.
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