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Sasha and MCTI

The day before I went out to get Aran from MCTI, I was on the phone with Sasha.  He'd just had a meeting with his social worker, and he was excited.

"There's this school," he said.  "They have lots of programs--culinary arts, groundskeeping, electricity, all kinds of things.  And you go, and when you finish the program, you get a certificate so you can work as that thing.  And it's completely free!  Everything!"

I thought about that for a moment.  "You mean MCTI?"

"Yeah!  That's the place!"

"That's where Aran's going to school."

"Really?  I didn't know the name."

"Yep."  I thought again.  "I have to go out there tomorrow to pick him up.  Do you want to come along and look around?"

Sasha allowed that he definitely did.  His apartment is right on the way, so it wasn't any kind of stretch to pick him up.  In the meantime, I did some checking.  Sasha doesn't have a high school diploma or an equivalent, and I wasn't sure if MCTI let you enroll without one.  I cautioned Sasha about that, which dampened his enthusiasm somewhat, and I emailed the social worker who arranged for Aran to enroll there.

She wrote back and said MCTI definitely does =not= require a diploma or GED or certificate of completion.  Cool!

I picked up Sasha, and we drove together out to MCTI.  Aran gave Sasha a tour, and Sasha's interested continued unabated.  I hope it works out!


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