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Mad Max: A Short Review

Got Mad Max: Fury Road on DVD.  This was the movie, you may recall, that honked off a lot of anti-feminist (read "misogynistic") men who became enraged that Max took orders from Furiosa, a mere woman!  And ohmygerd--she had more lines than he did.  And ohmyfreakingerd--the whole storyline revolved around HER plan and HER ideas and HER decisions, not his.

Yeah.  Never mind that there are about a bazillion movies in which the male calls all the shots.  Because, you know, the men have to have it all.  Grow a pair, guys.

Anyway, the movie was . . . weird.  A gread deal of it was highly stylized, so stylized, in fact, that you couldn't always tell what was going on.  Several characters wore masks or heavy makeup and then spoke their lines in a thick accent, so it was hard to understand what they were saying.  Big hunks of the plot didn't make sense, either.  (SPOILER: So if every single citizen hated the leader of the enclave that much, why didn't they just take over after he left to pursue the women and slam the gates shut?  And what was up with the guitar player?  If there was symbolism there, it wasn't clear.  Maybe he was supposed to be the bard who watches Viking battles, or something, but it didn't come off well.)

But the stunts and vehicles were outrageous and freaky, and the pace rockets right along.  It's worth watching on DVD if you're in the mood for a lot of action and violence and dirt.


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