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Texas Revises American History

Texas requires all schools in the entire state to use the same set of textbooks. This means that the Texas state school board wields tremendous power over ALL textbooks in the ENTIRE COUNTRY.


Because Texas is so big, with over 1,200 school districts which all must use the same books, all the textbook publishers continually vie for the Texas contract. It means billions of dollars. In order to get that contract, textbook publishers write textbooks that meet Texas standards of science, history, math, and literature.  Let that sink in for a moment: TEXAS standards.

So what, you ask?  Well, those publishers don't write textbooks for each of fifty states. They don't have time or resources, and to them it doesn't matter.  Texas is the gold ring, the big cahoona, the elephant in the printing press.  They get Texas, they WIN.  Huge.  So they ignore everyone else and concentrate solely on Texas standards (and California, the other state-wide textbook state).  That means everyone else is stuck with Texas textbooks.  Yes, OUR textbooks are written to Texas standards because that's the only thing the textbook companies are writing.

The state board of education in Texas has made no secret of the fact that they're rewriting history.  CBS News reported how the board decided that history books need to remove George Wallace's attempts to halt integrated schools in Mississippi, or at least gloss them over; state that minimum wage laws are controversial; hold that Ronald Reagan was the greatest president in US history; and clearly (yet falsely) state that the Founding Fathers based the US Constitution on principals of Christianity.  The previous November, the board objected to a science textbook that taught evolution.  Again, let that sink in--to Texans, it was bad that a science textbook taught evolution.  http://www.cbsnews.com/news/rewriting-history-texas-tackles-textbook-debate/

The textbook companies nod and smile and bow and take their pants down while they bend over the desk to write Texas textbooks to order.  When billionos of dollars are at stake, corporations don't care about facts, the truth, or the education of children. They just want the money, and they'll say anything to get it.  Even if it's a blatant lie.

Now these altered textbooks are reaching the classroom, and we have this: http://egbertowillies.com/2015/10/04/mom-calls-out-textbook-publisher-for-redefining-slavery-as-immigration-and-gets-results-video/ An African-American woman noticed that when it came to Africans who were abducted, enslaved, and brought to America, her son's geography textbook referred to them as "workers" and "immigrants."  Not "slaves," but "workers" and "immigrants."

Let that sink in for a moment.  Hundreds of years of unspeakable abuse, subjugation, terror, torture, murder, and enslavement described as "workers" who part of a wave of "immigration."

The racism is absolutely breathtaking.

This is Texas.

Unfortunately, McGraw Hill (the publisher of the textook) also peddles this textbook to other states.  They already have it written to Texas standards, and it would cost too much to write and print up different versions for other, more properly-minded states.  So our children get the same horrifying falsehoods.

The woman who noticed it and made the video stirred up quite a lot of outrage.  McGraw Hill basically said, "Oops! We got caught. We're sorry."  Then they said they would change it in the electronic version and in future print editions.

Let that sink in for a moment.

The vast, vast majority of schools use print textbooks.  Only a tiny, tiny few use ebooks--most students don't have easy access to e-readers. So the students of Texas won't see this updated e-version.

Also, the textbooks with the blatant, racist revisionist history HAVE ALREADY BEEN ISSUED.  McGraw Hill didn't offer to REPLACE the faulty books.  Not at all.  (That would cost money.)  They only offered to change future editions.  Most hardcover textbooks like the one in the video will be used for between ten and fifteen years, longer if the district has little money.  And Texas isn't know for funding its schools at high levels.

So for the next ten to fifteen years, every student in Texas will see a textbook with all references to slavery changed to "immigration" and "workers" in it.  This is most of a generation.

This is Texas.


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