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Wedding Weekend: Weather

Friday we had a bit of a conundrum.  Darwin and I had planned on an outdoor ceremony.  In October in Michigan, you say?  Are you crazy, you say?  Maybe a little.  But the worst, we figured, is that it would rain and we'd have to move into the drawing room or the foyer, and we were ready for that.

The Montague has a beautiful garden down by the river that runs behind the property, and that's where we wanted the ceremony, weather allowing.

We'd been watching the weather reports anxiously for days beforehand, and we consistently got "Cloudy, mid-50s," which would be okay for our purposes.  The ceremony wasn't long, and we'd be moving directly inside the Inn quite quickly.

And then . . .

On Thursday, the weather report said "Cloudy, high 40s."  Then "low 40s."  My mother asked if we were going to move the ceremony inside.

At the Inn on Friday, we checked the weather again.  Freeze warning out for Friday night, Saturday would make 40 if we were lucky.  We walked down to the river and discovered the unrelenting breeze made it even colder.  However, on the generous back patio of the Inn was shelter and west-facing sunlight.  It was also closer to the house in case things went south quickly or if someone got too cold.

Darwin and I called it--we'd have the ceremony on the patio.

On Saturday while we were rushing about getting ready, someone said, "It's snowing!"

It was.  Fucking snow.  Hard pellets driven by a harsh wind.  Never, ever have we in my memory gotten snow in mid-October.  I swung between helplessly furious and geniunely horrified.  After a few minutes, the snow stopped abruptly, the clouds broke, and the sun came out.  Okay, then.

Everything warmed up.  We hit 45 degrees.

Then the clouds rushed in and at 2:00, when we were getting dressed, a blizzard descended on us.  Snow so thick it blocked the windows.  Wind howled and roared around the Inn.  Someone rushed outside and rescued the flowers off the altar on the patio before they were blown away.  I couldn't believe my eyes.

And then it stopped and the sun came back.  The snow melted.

The best men set Sasha, Aran, and Maksim to drying off the chairs the Inn staff had set up on the patio.  At three o'clock, everything was reset and ready to go, and the sun was staying.

Four o'clock, when the wedding started, the sun was still shining and the temperature, while chilly, was fine.

Later, I learned that the snowfall set records all over the state.  Some places got six inches.

They say that bad weather on your wedding is good luck.  If that's the case, we'll have the best of luck forever!

(Continued . . . )



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Oct. 21st, 2015 05:41 pm (UTC)
Amy and I got married on Oct 30, 22 years ago. We had a nor'easter (high winds and pounding rain) that day. Everyone said it was wonderfully good luck for us. So far, they have been correct.
Oct. 21st, 2015 09:44 pm (UTC)
I've heard that a lot: "Bad weather on your wedding is good luck!" I think that was invented purely to make wedding couples feel better during pouring rain.
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