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Wedding Weekend: Dressing

On Saturday, the boys arrived with Kala at 1:00, but this created some logistical problems.  Most of the other rooms weren't ready for guests quite yet, so we ended up using our room as a staging area.  This, in retrospect, was a mistake, because it meant people were going in and out of our area when Darwin and I really needed the space to ourselves to get ready.  This created unnecessary stress and conflict and delay.  Darwin likes to take his time with this kind of thing, while my theater background has made me a quick-change artist who dives in and out of outfits at speed.  We were falling behind schedule, and the stress of the day, along with the extra people around us didn't make for a good mix.  We should have kicked everyone out and told them to find somewhere else to dress, but that didn't occur to us right then.

I managed to stuff Aran into his new suit.  Maksim did most of his tuxedo on his own, but couldn't handle cufflinks and shirt studs, so I got those for him.  At last, we shoved everyone into the hall and slammed the door so we could get ready.

The photographer arrived in the middle of all this, and I ran down to deal with that.  We wanted to do as many photos before the wedding as possible so as to minimize them afterward, but this also took arranging.

And meanwhile the blizzard raged outside.

At last we got dressed.  I called the photographer inside for some getting-ready shots as well.  Darwin looked very handsome, and he assured me I did too.  Out we went for the photography.

(Continued . . . )


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