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Wedding Weekend: Photos

We did a whole mess of photos. Thank you, digital photography!  I'm dying to see them.  We posed ceremony shots and then created several poses around the Inn.  Darwin and I posed on the grand staircase, in the library, and on the outdoor balcony.  Darwin is acrophobic, so I had him down on the ground partially climbing the wrought-iron ladder that runs up to the balcony while I stood at the top.  It appealed to the romantic in me.

We got many shots with relatives, including the Huge Group Family Shots and the wedding party shots and all them.  Whew!

Scattered about the reception area were cards with my and Darwin's cell phone numbers on them. The cards asked guests to text us their own photos on the spot.  (You know how people always say, "Oh, I'll text you this later" and then never do?)  With this method, we got a mess of candid photos from guests.  We'd planned to run a contest for things like Most Romantic and Most Inappropriate and Scariest and that sort of thing, but it didn't work out.  If I were to do it again, I'd find a way to rig a projector so photos could be displayed as they came in.  Still got lots of good photos, though. I posted several of them on Facebook here.

Later, I'll try to post a bunch here at LJ.

(Continued . . . )


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