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Wedding Weekend: the Reception

The reception went stunning well.  The food was served at 6:00 on the dot, and the food was absolutely delicious: vegetarian lasagna, onion-breaded chicken, corn with peppers, cheesy potatoes, salad, fresh rolls.  The Inn even managed to open a cash bar for alcohol, something they said they wouldn't be able to do at first.

Darwin and I ate, then circulated among the two rooms.  The Untitled Writers Group showed up en masse with spouses and children, and took over the dining room.  They scared away everyone else!

The cake had already arrived safely, from Sweet Creations.  If you want a cake in the Saginaw area, peeps, get it there. Best. Cake. Ever.  Because neither Darwin nor I see the point of white cake with white frosting, our cake alternated chocolate and strawberry, and many, many people remarked on how delicious both were, and the people who didn't like chocolate were thrilled to have strawberry.  Darwin and I cut the cake and fed each other without smearing.  (Seriously, what grownup does that?)

Darwin's brother Matt gave a heartfelt toast from the grand staircase that turned tearful.  Darwin was sneaking tissues. Then my brother Paul took the staircase.  Paul is a professional commedian who alternately opens and headlines at clubs all around the Midwest.  His toast had everyone alternately howling and saying, "Aw..."

And then the dancing began.

We hired the DJ from Digital DJz, and he was really, really good. (They also handled the photography. Highly recommended, peeps, if you're doing an event in the tri-city area of Michigan.  Their service is great and their prices are eminently reasonable.  Startlingly so.)  It was the DJ's first gay wedding, but he didn't slip even once and refer to a bride or a bridal party.  He ran some fun dance activities as well as straight-up dancing.  The wedding couple's first dance was to "The Rose," and when the DJ announced it, stirs and murmurs went through the group.  During the dance Darwin was crying so hard, he buried his head in my shoulder so people wouldn't be able to see, which meant he didn't see that =I= was crying.

More dances followed.  Darwin and I alternately danced and talked to guests.  It was oddly difficult. All these people were ones we'd happily spend hours with, but we weren't able to talk with each for more than a moment.

And then it ended.  The music stopped and people flopped to the chairs in exhaustion.  Darwin and I saw a lot of people off.  Other guests drifted off to their rooms.  And then Darwin and I were alone in our own room for our first night as a legally married couple.

In the morning, we came down for breakfast and had the great pleasure of being able to eat with friends and family again.  It was great!  And then we packed up (so much packing!) and left the Inn and our wedding behind.

So now we're married!



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Oct. 29th, 2015 04:17 am (UTC)
Thanks for sharing some of the details of the wedding.

I never for one instant thought it would be possible for me, but three years ago the good people of Washington State made history with a popular vote in favor of love. I'd like to think we helped move 'the cause' forward a few years.

I was one of the first couples married in Seattle and, to be honest I didn't think it would change me and our relationship much...but it really, really makes a difference.

I wish you and Darwin many years of wedded bliss!
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