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Low-Key Samhain 2015

Samhain was low-key this year, mostly because we were still wiped out from the wedding.  Maksim declared this was his last year for trick-or-treat, and he put together a death costume, but then the rain started.  It began softly, then turned more insistent, and developed into a downpour.  Maksim returned, drenched as a pitiful kitten, with a tiny haul of candy.

Aran, meanwhile, dressed as a pirate to hand out candy and had great fun greeting kids with a hearty "Arrr!"  But once the rain got underway, the trick-or-treaters vanished.

The Samhain ritual followed. Darwin doesn't take part, and he retreated to another part of the house while we brought in the figures from the outdoor altar, then wrapped up the God statues and put them away until Yule and extinguised all the lights in the house.

The day after is always about cleaning up the outside for winter.  We bring in the deck furniture and put all the other outdoor stuff away.

Naturally, once the house was ready for winter, the temperature rose into the 70s for several days.  Last year, it was snowing, though, so we'll take it.


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