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Oh My Garage!

On Sunday the weather was forecast as 60-ish and sunny.

Time to clean the garage.

This idea was met with horrified groans and complaints.  But I told Darwin it had to be done.  Then I told the boys.  They were actually more amenable, believe it or not!

The garage was never truly righted when we moved in.  The previous owner had installed a four-foot-deep shelf across the rear wall and underneath it, she had left a lawnmower and a pile of lumber.  I hated that shelf.  It's so deep, you can't actually reach anything on it, especially once you've parked a car in front of it.  I wanted it gone.  However, that would also mean the stuff we'd flung up there when we first moved in would have to be put =somewhere=.

My goal was to park the truck inside.  See, Darwin, for whatever reason, doesn't like to park his car in the garage.  I don't fully understand why, but there it is.  But if he wasn't going to use the garage for the car, I was going to use it for the truck.  This meant, however, that the entire right side of the garage had to be clear--the garage is 19 feet long, and the truck is 17 feet long.

We started by hauling everything out of the garage, down to the bare walls.  Then Darwin and I went to the hardware store and bought three storage cabinets.  Back home, we set up an assembly shop in the driveway.  The stupid things were a mother to put together, but the four of us managed it.  Then we had to do another one.  But this one went faster.  The third went faster still.  Aran and Maksim turned into excellent helpers who sped things right along.  The instructions said not to use a drill for a screwdriver, and I did laugh at that--each cabinet required 24 screws.  Do that with a mere screwdriver?  Screw that!  My cordless drill rushed things along considerably.

However, the assembly took over two hours, and by the time we were done, it was dark.  Darwin advocated just shoving everything back into the garage and sorting later, but I stood firm.

"The weather's only getting worse from here," I said.  "If we don't do it now, it won't get done.  Pick something up, bring it in, and I'll tell you where it goes."

This they did.  We spent another hour putting stuff into cabinets and old shelves and into corners.  A whole mess of stuff went to the curb for the trash or the local garbage pickers.

At last everything was put away and the big moment came.  Would the truck fit?

I ootched the truck into the garage.  A little more.  A little more.  Darwin told me to stop.  I got out and checked.  There was still nearly a foot between the bumper and the wall.  I went forward some more.  At least I had about six inches left.  I checked the back bumper.

We had clearance!  The garage door would close with about three inches to spare.

"How are you going to park the truck every day?" Darwin asked.

In response, I hung a tennis ball from the roof so it was just touching the windshield.  I drive in until the ball touches the glass and I know to stop.  Ta da!

We are awesome!


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