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Yuletide Light

The schools should be closed all week this week, but Michigan's legislature added five days to the calendar, so schools were open on Monday and Tuesday.  Normally this wouldn't bug me overmuch except that I'm still sick.  I have no voice, I tire easily, and my function is sharply limited.  This means I arrive home from work exhausted.

Tuesday, today, was Yuletide.  Technically it started yesterday, but the solstice came at about 10:00 PM, so we celebrated it the day after.

Although I'm on the mend, I was still wiped after a day at work and my voice is virtually non-existent.  Normally I cook up a big dinner with a fancy dessert, and then we have the Yule ritual to welcome back the light, and Mother Berchte pounds on the door with her sack of presents, which we then open.  But the thought of doing all that this year was just too overwhelming.

Here's where I really wish I belonged to a nice big coven, where I could just say, "I'm sick.  Someone else will have to handle Yule this year," and it would happen.  But we're family tradition, and Aran is autistic and Maksim is still young, so if I don't make it happen, it doesn't happen.

Sorry for the complaining.  It's been a long week.

Anyway, I declared it would be Yuletide Light this year.  I made a simple dinner of fried potatoes and sausage (Ukrainian stir fry, we call it), with fruit bread for dessert.  Then we did a shortened version of the ritual, and we discovered that Berchte had left her sack of presents on the front porch.  We opened and enjoyed them.  Aran got a stylish new shirt and a DVD.  Maksim got--uh oh--an espresso machine.  Darwin got two personalized coffee mugs to replace ones that had broken weeks ago.  And I got a soft white sweater.

And then we were done.  Yuletide Light!

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