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Christmas 2015

Christmas was a bit odd this year.  I fell badly ill just in time for the festivities to start up and was simply too weak to do much.  I'm the one who usually coordinates most of the holiday activities, so everything slowed way down.  We did decorate the house just before I got sick, which is good, but I got almost no holiday baking done.

My mother wanted the family celebration at her house, and we were figuring on Darwin's family celebration being at our house, but unexpectedly one of his relatives announced that since she and her husband had just bought a new house, they wanted Christmas at their place so everyone could see it.

At first, I was a little unhappy--no one was coming to our house for Christmas.  Then I realized this was actually a fine thing.  I still tired easily, and the thought of cooking for and entertaining a dozen-odd people made me want to crawl into a hole.  So going elsewhere was a really good idea.

And lo, it was so.  We had a very nice celebration at my mother's.  We had drawn names at Thanksgiving so the gift-giving would be non-stressful and nicely low-key.  This worked beautifully.

At Darwin's family's house, I found myself suffering a bit of a relapse and was too tired to be very social, but they were running one of the early Star Wars movies to entertain the children, so I curled up in one of the chairs to watch that.  What became funny was that, one by one, most of the adults drifted in and sat down to watch, too!

Well, it was because all the cool kids were all doing it.

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