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Christians and Stupidity

Fundamentalist Christians resort to all kinds of small-minded or even cruel tactics, including this one:


The short version is, a restaurant customer left as a tip a fake $20 bill folded on the counter. When the young waiter, excited at such a large tip, opened it, he found a note printed inside instead.  It basically said that people will always disappoint you, but god never will, and if you want to fill the void in your heart, become a fundamentalist Christian.

The waiter was pissed and posted photos of the incident.  The photos went viral, and lots of people offered to replace the tip, belying the note.  People don't always disappoint.

What mystifies me is why fundies think this will work.  I'm trying to imagine working my ass off as a waiter and getting one of these smug little notes and saying to myself, "Gosh!  I'll get right down to church on Sunday!"  And when I arrive on Sunday, I find myself surrounded by a dozen other people clutching fake $20 bills, their eyes filled with hope, ready to be filled with Jesus.

Yeah, no.

Human psychology doesn't work this way.  When someone offers you a treat that turns out to be a trick, you get angry at the giver, especially when the treat is something you're generally entitled to, such as a tip.  (And yeah, tipped workers are entitled to tips, since they usually earn less than minimum wage.  If you don't like their work, complain to the manager.)  And when you're angry at someone, you're actively disinclined to believe what they say.  The last thing you do is shake your head ruefully and say, "I guess he's right."

These fake little notes and the Chick tracts and the angry bible verses don't win converts.  Vanishingly few people receive these things and see the supposed error of their ways.  Instead, they become angry at the giver, and, by extension, at the giver's system of belief.

But, believe it or not, the fundamentalists who leave these little knots of hatred aren't actually interested in converting anyone.  They want to show their superiority, as in, "I'm going to heaven, and everyone else is going to hell.  I win!"  They leave these notes and tracts lying around not as a method of conversion, but as a way to remind us uncoverted heathens that THEY have it better.  Not only that, they get to do it anonymously, without fear that someone will shove them against a wall and say, "Take your shit out of my face before I stuff your own balls down your throat!"

The people who leave these pasive-aggresive notice aren't Christians, they aren't true believers, and they aren't filled with love for you.  They're smug, hate-filled bullies and cowards.


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Jan. 7th, 2016 12:06 am (UTC)
I find proseltyzing religion offensive and immoral. It presupposes (1) their relationship with spirit/universe/deity is better than mine; (2) they have the right to browbeat/invadeprivacy/torture/exile/murder me for the "sake of my soul"; (3) this is going to win them brownie points after they die.

Jan. 7th, 2016 11:10 pm (UTC)
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