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The Delights of Modern Money

It's delightful to work for a company that has a medical savings account service.  It saves me several hundred dollars a year and reduces my tax paperwork.  However, the service used by the Wherever School District was . . . clunky.  Their web site was difficult to navigate.  They had an app for uploading receipts for reimbursement, but the app was REALLY clunky, mostly because the password system was overwrought. You couldn't save the password on your phone or pad, and the password HAD to be complicated. If you made too many mistakes, the app locked your account permanently, and you had to call the company to unlock it. This required you to reset with a brand new, super-complicated password.  Look, if someone wants to upload receipts in my name so I can get the money, LET THEM.

But this year, the Wherever School District has switched to a different service.  Their app and web site are both simple and intuitive.  Best of all, they issue a debit card for the medical account.

This is the best part.  Just swipe your card at a pharmacy, doctor's office, hospital, or other facility, and the computer will automatically figure out what expenses are allowed and which are not.  It pays for those expenses out of the medical account, leaving the rest for me to handle on my own.  No more separating out expenses, no more wrangling with receipts!

Today I used the card for the first time.  With a certain sense of breathless anticipation, I headed to the pharmacy.  Today's pickup was going to be slightly complicated.  I had three scrips and Darwin had one.  Our names don't match, but we're both on the account.  I'm so used to the "you can't be married" and the "you're gay, so we're going to cause you problems" thing that I was expecting either the pharmacy or the card computer to reject payment.

The pharmacist totalled up the scrips (and Darwin's insulin still a tiny fraction of the price under his old insurance--yay!), and I swiped the card.

POOF!  It went through without a blip.  All done.


I drove home and had the distinct pleasure of dumping the all the receipts into the shredder.  No carefully tearing off the medical parts, no scanning, no uploading, no complicated passwords.  Just POOF!

I like modern money.

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Jan. 20th, 2016 08:58 pm (UTC)
The employer gave me a similar card. I gave it to Da Hubby and told him, "Use this to pay for your eye care stuff," because he can't see the computer screen without corrective lenses.

He fucking lost it. Now I have to navigate employer's stupidly clunky site, call them when I can't get anywhere, and all that.
Del Suk
Mar. 22nd, 2016 11:53 pm (UTC)
Money for you
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