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Mythology Biting Me in the Butt

Whenever the school district hands us major changes in the curriculum--and lately that's been happening every year--I lose enormous amounts of planning time.  Instead of being able to tweak existing material, I have to create brand new material, an exhausting and time-consuming process.  Writing lesson plans takes four or five times longer than normal.

When this happens, unchanged classes suffer.  I'm forced to do exactly what I did in previous years, no changes or edits, because I just don't have time to look at anything new.

This year, both my English 12 and my English 9 classes have been severly revamped by the district, and I'm rushing to keep up.  So my poor mythology class has been shorted.  In fact, I skipped over two major projects for the simple reason that I wouldn't have time to grade them.  Unfortunately, this is now coming back to bite me.  I've gone through all the straightforward material for the class and I still have four weeks to go in the marking period.  (This is what skipping projects does for you.)  So I either have to backtrack and do the projects, or add more reading material.  Both involve yet more time I just don't have.

I did set up one project and ran into the problem that the computer labs aren't available due to testing, and figuring out a workaround took time away from working out English 9.  It's a never-ending cycle.

And it happens every year now.

I'm wiped out.  Every year the government says, "Guess what!  We've figured out the PERFECT way for you to teach. Do it this way now!"  It adds a tremendous lot of work on top of what we're already doing, and the students suffer when the teachers can't keep up.


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