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Worst. Episode. Ever!

I watched THE BIG BANG THEORY for this week.  You know--"The Positive Negative Reaction," the episode when Bernadette tells Howard (and everyone else) that she's pregnant.

Holy crap!  Were the writers drunker than usual?

I don't usually comment on THE BIG BANG THEORY.  I usually enjoy the show, despite its enormous flaws, though I'm starting to think the show is winding down.  This week's episode certainly showed it.

The episode starts off with Howard learning he's going to be a father. And what happens?  He freaks out.  Just like every single sit-com (and most non-sit-com) father-to-be does.  The standard, idiotic junk poured out of his mouth--I don't know what to do, everything will be awful, yada, yada, yada.  The episode revolved around him deciding that having a baby was a good thing, despite the fact that Howard has been campaigning to have a baby with Bernadette from the beginning.  So in addition to the stereotyping, Howard's freak-out made no character sense.

Later on, Howard laments to the other guys that they won't have enough money.  Money, money, money.  They're going to need money!  Except the show has long since established that Bernadette makes an enormous lot of money, way more than Howard does.  Additionally, they recently inherited Howard's mother's house--so they don't have a mortgage, the single biggest expense a couple can have.  They own their own house near Pasadena, California?  Holy crap!  These people are rich!  Howard doesn't need to worry about money.  It's just the writers grasping at straws.

And then the gals and guys end up in a bar singing karaoke at each other and at Bernadette's unborn baby.  Many, many minutes of it.  None of it was particularly funny.  Nor was it tear-inducing tender (as Howard's love song to Bernadette was at their anniversary).  It came across as the sawdust filler it was.

It was as if the writers wrote half a half-assed episode and went out to the bar, stranding the actors on stage to do bad improv for the final fifteen minutes.

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