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Lead Lines and Flint

It's been over 140 days--four and a half months--since the Snyder administration admitted it knew the city's water pipes have been leaching lead into residents' water supply.  The only solution at this point is replace the bad pipes.  How many lines have been replaced?

Zero.  As in none.  Not one.

Why is this?

Lt. Governor Brian Calley had a virtual town meeting and one of Flint's residents asked that very question. His response?

"To eliminate the risk we really do need to replace the pipes," said Calley. "One of the challenges with that is many of the pipes we don't know which ones are lead or which ones are not."

Calley said it's important to identify the lines first, citing 55,000 properties in Flint, with property records showing 5,000 with lead services lines, 25,000 with a different form of lines.

So they have definite knowledge of 5,000 lead lines.  WHY AREN'T THESE LINES BEING REPLACED RIGHT NOW?  There's no need to wait until all the other lines are identified.  That's like saying, "Well, we know there's a fire in the house, but we don't want to turn the hoses on until we've examined the entire house for flames."

When you think the Snyder administration can't get worse, it proves you wrong every time.


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