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At the Dentist

Despite the snow, Maksim and I hit the dentist yesterday.  Fortunately, the dentist is only a couple miles away, and we arrived without incident.

Maksim isn't brushing well, and his braces were plaque-y.  So now I have to stand over him with a timer while he brushes. He was extremely upset about that, as only a fourteen-year-old will be.

"I can brush my teeth myself!" he snarled that eveniing.

"Clearly you can't," I snapped back. "The evidence is all over your teeth."

Meanwhile, the hygeniest prodded one of my teeth and brought out a stab of pain.  I jerked away, and she apologized.  She examined the tooth but couldn't find anything wrong.  Flossing didn't hurt it, and neither did brushing--only the metal scraper did.  She took an x-ray of it, but that still showed nothing. When the dentist came in, she prodded a different spot.  This time the pain was so sharp I forcefully knocked her hand away and snapped at her.

This brought on another apology, but I wouldn't let her touch the tooth again.  She examined it and the x-ray, but still couldn't see anything wrong with it.  She concluded that a small cavity, still not visible, may be starting and we'll just have to watch for it.  In the meantime, I should use a fluoride/enamel rinse daily.

The rest of the visit went without incident.  Thanks to dual coverage from my job and Darwin's, the price was way lower and I was able to pay for it with my HSP debit card, so it felt like the visit was free!

The drive home was worse than the drive there, snow-wise.  One dork barrelled around a corner behind me and realized he was going too fast and was forced to pull into the opposing lane to avoid rear-ending me.  Fortunately, there was no oncoming traffic, or he would have been dead.

We got home safely, however, with clean teeth.


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Mar. 1st, 2016 06:45 pm (UTC)
the first thing the dentist told me when he started numbing me up for the cleaning was "Don't scream." Right after I had steeled myself to stifle any noise. the rest of the session was the hygenist/assistant telling me I was fine and okay and "it's all right" every time one more needle slid into my gums. I told her to shut up.

I got through the cleaning and cavity fill, which took five sessions (one cleaning session for each quadrant of my mouth, then one for the fillings), and I haven't been back since. Because there's a note in my file calling me hostile.

Edited at 2016-03-01 06:47 pm (UTC)
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