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Maksim and High School

I got a post card from Wherever High School this week. It wanted to alert me to New Parent's Night, an evening for the parents of new freshmen at the school. There, parents would learn about registration, classes, graduation requirements, available clubs and sports, and so on.

Because in six months, Maksim will be a high school freshman.

I don't need to attend Parent's Night--I'm intimately acquainted with freshman scheduling requirements--but I would like a paper bag to breathe through for a few minutes, thank you.

In six months, I will no longer have a child in elementary school or middle school.  All my children will be high school age or older.

Keep in mind that because Aran started pre-school when he was two (because of his autism), I've had at least one child in school for sixteen years now.  For fourteen of those years, at least one child was in elementary school.  I celebrated when Maksim moved up to middle school because I no longer had to attend elementary school conferences and talk to elementary school teachers.  (After years trapped in a classroom with small children, they forget how to talk to adults, and the pitch and tone they reflexively adopt at conferences makes my eyes bleed.)

But now Maksim will be high school.

Interestingly, he says he wants to attend Nameless High School, where I teach.  Nameless is out of district for him--he should go to Wherever High School--but he says he wants to start high school at a place where no one knows him.  Nameless High is, frankly, a better school than Wherever, so I'm fine with him attending Nameless, though it means he'll have to ride with me every day until he gets a license (which is a different blog post altogether).

And . . . high school . . .


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Feb. 29th, 2016 06:25 pm (UTC)
Best of luck to him, whichever school he ends up attending.

Moments like this are strange for parents. When my son turned 18 last month, and he completed his draft registration, we realized that we no longer have any minor children in the house. First thing my son did was come with me to the pub where I play monthly trivia. He can't drink, but he can enter the place legally now, and was instrumental in us coming in second place.
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