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Supergirl Slip

We have to take a moment to comment on how much we disliked--very well, hated--this last episode of Supergirl.  The main reason?  Indigo.

That, and stupid plotting.

(There will be spoilers.)

Indigo (played by Laura Vanderoort, the actress who was Supergirl on SMALLVILLE) was a villain-of-the-week, a relative of Brainiac. It was she who guided Kara's pod to Earth, for reasons that aren't made entirely clear in the episode.  She hates humans, also for reason that aren't made clear in the episode, and has decided to wipe them out.  Her method of doing so?  A single nuclear missile aimed at a single city.

Okay, then.

The trouble we have with Indigo isn't her concept--we're willing to take on an alien who wants to destroy humanity.  The trouble we have is how the character is handled.

First, we have her costume design.  Look at this thing:

Supergirl, Laura Vandervoort

The skin-tight body suit broke "no sexism" rule on Supergirl.  We've had a number of male villains, and not one of the THEM have strutted about in a bulgle-enhancing singlet.  But this character slinks around in tight blue spandex.  Sexist in the extreme.  But it doesn't stop there.  During the episode, we learn that Indigo has been having an affair with Kara's uncle Non.  Indigo is really an advanced computer program, and Non's sexual relationship with her reduces her to the level of mere sex toy, a glorified blow-up doll.  Can it get worse, you ask?  Why yes, it can.  After Indigo's inevitable defeat (by a man--Kara stands by helplessly and watches while Winn impossibly saves her), we cut to Non's laboratory, where he is laying out Indigo's chopped-up body on a table, cooing to her, "I only broke your heart. ... Are you ready to do it my way?"  It was creepy and disgusting, and not in the way the writers intended it.  If that hadn't been the last scene, I would have shut the episode off at that moment.

Speaking of Indigo's costume, could it be more obvious they're ripping off Mystique from the X-Men movies?  The character in the comics looks nothing like this design, so the show's choices are obvious.  Cheap, cheap, cheap.

Then we have plot holes galore.  The hero characters figure out Indigo wants to launch a nuclear missile through a completely impossible leap of logic that I couldn't follow even after I backed up the DVR and re-watched the scene.  It was absolute nonsense, and it was obvious they'd taped it quickly and hoped the viewers wouldn't notice.  We did.

They make a big deal out of the fact that the missile silo had no Internet access, and the general Indigo is tracking would somehow allow her to gain access to the silo when the guy arrives there.  When the general shows up at the silo, his iPhone (product placement!) rings. He wonders loudly why he's getting a signal.  He answers it, which allows Indigo, who can travel through computer signals, to zip through the phone and appear at the silo.

Except if cell phones don't normally get signals out at the silo, how did the general's phone get one?  If Indigo's control over computers somehow forced a signal, why would she need the general?  She'd only need to force-activate any radio-controlled device at the silo and wouldn't need the general at all.  And why was the general stupid enough to answer his cell phone in a highly-classified, hidden missile silo in the first place?

But now Indigo has taken over the missile silo and starts up the launch sequence.  Suddenly Winn, our resident computer genius, conveniently reveals to the good guys that several years ago he wrote a super virus that could take Indigo out.  (Why an Earth computer virus written years ago by a guy in a basement could hope to touch a Kryptonian super-computer that ran an entire civiliation, I can't imagine.  Good thing the Kryptonians didn't use IOS.)  All Winn has to do is upload the virus to Indigo and she'll be powerless!  Winn starts the upload.

Uh, guys?  Remember how a major plot point of the story is that THE SILO HAS NO INTERNET?  How is Winn uploading the virus?  This is not in the least bit addressed.  Major, major plot canyon. But the virus uploads merrily away, despite the lack, and we're expected to go along with it because Winn is just so handsome. Or something.

The fight scenes were also awful.  It looked like the actors couldn't remember their moves and were on the verge of losing their balance.  Usually the show's fight scenes are pretty good, but tonight they on NyQuil.

Sickening sexism, horrible writing, bad fight scenes--this episode has it all.  The "Spock's Brain" of Supergiril.

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( 7 comments — Leave a comment )
Mar. 2nd, 2016 09:35 pm (UTC)
I like the series. But this episode had me seriously just ... head tilting at the whole thing from beginning to end.

The braids! The blue! The glove with long fingernails! The really bad Blue Man Group look!

It was a mess, all the way through. It felt like there was a story here but it just got hijacked and some one, somewhere said "just get it out, get it on air!"

Horrible, horrible episode.
Mar. 3rd, 2016 08:57 pm (UTC)
Mar. 3rd, 2016 05:21 pm (UTC)
Although I was falling away from the show by episode 3, it's come to grow on me, so I've stayed. This episode was a disappointment, though. I realized it about halfway through, when I noticed that I'd opened my tablet and was "watching" while playing Candy Crush. Then, I backed it up, and started the show over, hoping to get caught up.

I agree that Indigo is the least Brainiac looking individual I could imagine. I never understood why she needed a name, when Brainiac 8 worked just fine I have now assumed that it was Non's pet name for her.

I had less problem with Indigo getting into the base than others seem to have had. Clearly, she downloaded herself into the General's phone before he went into the no-Internet area. Data compression must be a feature of her code, otherwise, how does a supercomputer's worth of data squeeze through any smartphone's data channel. She set off the phone's ringer herself in order to get him to power the phone up, which she needed in order to materialize.

The only way I can see for her to have reached out and touched Winn would be if she can also, somehow, become her own wi-fi signal. She sets up a hopscotch of connections through internal comm channels in the base, or via the smartphones that the soldiers are mysteriously allowed to carry on duty in a high-security base, until she reaches one that can reach the Internet, and bingo, she's connected.

So, I have basically ret-conned most of the episode into some degree of sense in my mind. However, they made it look as though Winn's virus totally annihilated Indigo. So, where did Non find her mysteriously dismembered body? That one I can't get my mind past.

Oh, and Kara fumbles her conversation with Lucy in a big way. I can't reconcile the bumbling way she handled the question about James' camera with the modest competency she exhibits with Cat from time-to-time. I know she's like her super Boy Scout cousin, and isn't comfortable lying, but how difficult would it have been to say that she'd been talking to James about her dead father, gotten upset, and he'd told her that story about keeping his father close? Even my wife, who doesn't do storytelling generally came up with that one on the fly when it happened on the screen.
Mar. 3rd, 2016 08:57 pm (UTC)
The theme of the episode was "no more lying," but that was also something that made no sense to me. James demands--DEMANDS--of Kara that he be allowed to tell Lucy who Kara really is because James isn't comfortable keeping this secret from Lucy. WTF? First of all, James and Lucy are JUST DATING. They aren't married. They aren't even engaged. From Kara's point of view, the two of them could break up at any time--and badly--leaving a pissed-off Lucy wandering through the world knowing Kara's secret identity. Second, James kept Clark Kent's ID a secret for years. He had no problems lying on Clark's behalf. Why the sudden need to blab about Kara, someone he barely knows? The conflict was created out of nothing by writers who wanted to force the episode into the theme.
Mar. 3rd, 2016 09:07 pm (UTC)
Lucy is a Lane. These are indomitable, inquisitive women, who don't take kindly to being left in the dark (even when the truth is only hidden from them by a pair of glasses). I have no problem seeing James being cowed by Lucy in this way. If this incarnation of him is in any way related to our trusty red-headed Mr. Action, it would be in this manner.

As for revealing Kara's secret, that's the Berlanti Blab Effect(tm). Every Berlantiverse superhero tells everyone who they are, unless it serves the drama (temporarily) not to tell them (Ollie & Thea, or Barry and Iris, for example). It's kind of funny because, to me, the DC heroes have always been much more tight-lipped about their secret identities than the Marvel heroes, yet it was the Marvel ones who had a Civil War over whether or not to reveal their secret identities. I at least give Berlanti credit for being consistent about these non-secret secrets across all of his shows.
Mar. 3rd, 2016 10:57 pm (UTC)
What I don't like about this point is that it is really pernicious. Superman gets X, but but but Supergirl should get Y. Throughout the series she's finding her own way, sure. But everyone around her treats her VERY differently than they treat him. Yes, the "women have to do twice as well and twice as much to get half the recognition" thing is important here. But still. EVERY person who knows who Clark is, who knows anything about Superman STILL does the equal but separate thing with Kara.

James really really needs to be better written. That whole set of speeches between him and Kara about "oh, but I get to work with YOUUUUU (bats eyelashes)" was painful.
Mar. 5th, 2016 02:12 am (UTC)
Ohhhh, definitely. The James-Kara lovey-dovey thing needs to go away, and go away quick. If they need a love interest for Kara (and frankly, I don't know why they do), Winn is a much better choice. But every single super-hero show seems to require an unrequited love triangle. It's getting stupid. ARROW had Ray-Felicity-Oliver (and Oliver-Dinah-Danny). THE FLASH had Barry-Iris-Eddie (and Barry is still squickily crushing on his foster sister--ew). SUPERGIRL has Winn-Kara-Jimmy-Lucy. Come on! There's more you can do with romance than unrequited love and triangles.
( 7 comments — Leave a comment )
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