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Writing to Deadline--Easy!

I have a new project, complete with deadline.  (I'm still not sure if I'm able to give specifics, but watch this space.)  80,000 words by June 1.

At first, this seemed impossible.  Then I did some math.  I already have the synopsis done, so I know exactly what's going to happen. There are almost 80 days between now and June 1.  If I give myself the last ten days for rewrites (and rewrites always go quickly for me), that gives me 70 days to write.  That's 1,150 words per day, with a 500 word cushion.

1,150 words is a smidgen over three pages in Times New Roman font, depending on how much dialogue I use.  I can do three pages in a day!

I also figured that once I've met my daily word count goal, I can let myself stop for the day.  See, this is one of my problems when I write--I can't stop.  I tend to say, "But there's more to write!  The book's not done!  Must . . . write . . . more . . . " And I write until I'm exhausted and my brain is leaking out of my ears and my children forget what I look like.  It's not good for me.

With a set goal per day, I can write, then stop and do other things, like run or watch actual TV or read other people's books or spend time with my children.  Imagine!  What a delightful, stress-free way to write!  And the book will be done in three months!

In fact, this is turning out to be the case.  I do 1,150 words in about two and a half hours.  Then I walk away from the computer.  It's been easier to do it this way than when I have a book with a longer deadline.



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