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Dream Kittens

Last night I dreamed Darwin and I were living in a giant, castle-like house with many floors.  I spun down a spiral staircase all the way to the basement and found our two cats just then strolling outside through a pair of half-open doors that were letting in all kinds of water.

I went outside, unhappy that all this water was coming into our house, and saw the cats crouched on the lawn staring at three calico kittens.  All three were drenched with water and shiver and mewing piteously.  Awwww!  And in the nature of dreams, I knew they were starving.

I scooped them up and ran toward the house just as Darwin was opening a big bay window on the second floor.  If we kept them, we'd have five cats, but we lived in a freaking castlle. Lots of room!

"I found three cute little kittens who need a home," I called up to him.  "Can we keep them?"

"No!" he said, pounding the windowsil with an emphatic fist.

"But look!"  I held the kittens up.  "How can you say no to this?"

"Awww!  Okay."

And then I woke up.

Because I have to leave long before Darwin needs to wake up--the shlub refuses to get up and do anything remotely husbandly like make me breakfast--he does want me to wake him briefly when I leave the bedroom to say good-bye.  This morning when I did, I added, "I dreamed last night that we lived in a big castle."

"I like that dream," he slurred.

"And that we adopted three rain-soaked kittens," I finished.  "They were so cute, I'm going to the animal shelter this afternoon to find three kittens and bring them home.  Have a good day at work."

"Wait--what?  Kittens?"

But I was already gone.



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Mar. 22nd, 2016 01:23 pm (UTC)
Ha, way to make sure he's awake before you leave :)
Mar. 22nd, 2016 01:47 pm (UTC)
That's a cruel thing to do to someone less than half awake. Of course, I'm such a slow riser that Amy knows anything she says to me before I've been out in the fresh air for at least 5 minutes will be ignored or forgotten.
Mar. 22nd, 2016 02:20 pm (UTC)
A parting shot about kittens is better than coffee!
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