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Dreams and Crappy Houses

In the last couple-three years, I've noticed a recurring theme in my dreams.  Very often I'm living in a run-down, crappy house or apartment.  Sometimes the house or apartment is has potential, but it needs a lot of repair and renovation.  Usually I'm living there with a group of people or beings.  I rarely dream about people I know, and most often these people are room mates of some kind, though sometimes they're animals.  Rarely, it's Darwin or even my ex-wife.

Something awful is always wrong with the house or apartment.  The hallways and doors are so narrow, you have to worm your way through them.  Or water is getting in the basement.  Or a wall is missing.  Or the place is filled with junk.

Yet, this isn't a source of major stress in the dream and I accept the awfulness with equanimity.  It's a problem that will be dealt with eventually.

Meanwhile, other stuff is going on in the dream.  Random kittens show up.  I have to find my way to work/school/the store.  I'm looking for something in the house that I've lost.  The usual dream stuff.

I'm not sure why this theme recurs.  Probably when I figure it out, it'll stop.


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