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The Writing Goal

I'm continuing with the daily writing goal.  (I'm still not able to say what the project is, but it's safe to mention that it's a book based on a popular TV show.)  The deadline is dreadfully tight, and to finish 80,000 words, I need to write 1,150 words per day until early June.

So far it's working very well.  I've met the daily goal, and then I stop.  It's great, in fact.  If I really buckle down, the writing takes about two hours, and then I'm done for the day.  I'm seeing that when I have a word count to shoot for, I'm more focused and able to tell the story more briskly.  The only disadvantage is that when I write something I don't like and should delete, I hesitate.  Those words are lost for today's count!  But that's part of the process.

I like this method so much that I'm going to try it with other projects.  I'm already known as a fast writer, but this will speed things up even more.  I'll be able to write a book in three months easily, then take time with rewrites and finish it in six.  I should point out, however, that the reason for this speed is that I always have an extensive, detailed outline of what's going to happen, so I never have to stop and figure out a plot point.  So I'm never quite as fast as it looks--I've already got the book plotted by the time I start on the actual prose.  My 1,150 words per day method won't work until I have a synopsis completed, but that's fine--a synopsis rarely takes me more than a month.

Now it's back to the book . . .


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