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I finally watched the Supergirl-Flash crossover episode.  It was everything a super-hero teamup show should be--fast, funny, heart-felt.  The villains (Livewire and Silver Banshee) teamed up, too, so we had a two-fer.

The fun of a teamup isn't to watch two heroes combine their powers in a fight.  The fun is to see how the characters will interact.  Kara and Barry are both naturally bright, sunny people who want to help, but in slightly different ways, and the episode showed us the joy in not only putting them together, but also in dropping Barry into the supporting cast.  Usually I hate jealousy subplots, but Kara and Barry making James jealous was funny instead of embarrassing or cringe-worthy, and the way Cat egged Kara on about it like a tart-tongued maiden aunt was worth watching several times.

Many people said the best line in the show came when Cat called Kara and company a racially-diverse cast from a CW show, but for my money the funniest part came when the Flash faces down Livewire and Banshee with Kara and says, "Let's settle this like women."

And when Kara flung herself in front of Livewire's power bolt to save the helicopter, and the people of National City rallied around her, and the firefighter Kara had saved earlier came to her rescue, all to show that her accidental rampage from last episode was forgiven . . . we were happy to see an episode show us what super-heroes are meant to do--inspire us to be heroes ourselves.

The show was clearly meant to be the anti Batman v Superman. "Look!" CBS was shouting.  "This is what super-hero teamups can be! No grimdark here, and it's still highly entertaining."  And . . . well, they were right.


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Apr. 4th, 2016 03:57 pm (UTC)
Great, fun episode. Loved every minute of it.

Too bad it represents the day the music died for four TV shows at once. By affirming that Supergirl & Superman exist on a different earth from Flash, Arrow and the Legends of Tomorrow, they've essentially decreed that either Supergirl, or the CW shows, or all four, are pointless exercises. You can't have Superman existing on a different world from Flash and Arrow - other founding members of the JLA. The whole idea will probably have me watching all four with less interest.

On second thought, this further messes up Gotham, too. It was already messed up because its Caped Crusader has about 10 years before he starts work, which means Gotham can't be contemporaneous with Supergirl. So there's already a reversal of the expereinced Dark Knight vs the rookie Superman that was set up in BvS. I think the DC TV universe just jumped the metahuman King Shark.
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