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The Marriage Bed

No, nothing like =that.=

When I was single, I woke up in the morning and the bedclothes were barely disburbed.  I got up, twitched the sheet and coverlet back into place, punched the pillow, and it was done.  Five seconds, tops.

Then I married Darwin.

Holy man!

It bugs Darwin when the sheet is tucked in at the bottom of the bed, so he always pulls the sheet free of the mattress.  Darwin is also a close sleeper--he wants to sleep close to me.  If I migrate away from him, he moves closer.  (It's very cute.)  Also, about halfway through the night, he usually gets overheated and kicks the covers off entirely, or bunches them between us.  So when dawn arrives, the bed is a total wreck. Making it involves stripping it of everything but the bottom sheet, settling and straightening the top sheet, spreading the quilt, and finally placing the pillows.  Sheesh!

Of course, most days I have to get up and leave before Darwin's even awake, so =he= makes the bed.  :)


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