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Aran at 19

Aran came home for his birthday over the weekend.  On Friday we celebrated by going to see CIVIL WAR, which was a big hit and which I want to see again.  On Saturday, we did the full-on celebration, with carrot cake and ice cream and presents.  Aran is 19 now, if you can believe it, and he's become adept at driving his new car about, even all the way from Plainwell.

On Sunday, he reminded me he was having computer problems.  Darwin and I spent a chunk of time fixing it, and then I readjusted his GPS, which had somehow gotten set to Indiana as a default.  And then he bundled his stuff into his car with a short good-bye and zipped away.

It seems both strange and right.  Sasha is 23 now--his mid-twenties!--and living in Ypsilanti.  Aran is 19 and going to school.  Maksim is 14 and in five months, he'll be starting high school.  It's a natural progression, but also a strange one.  Eventually it'll be just Darwin and me, and what will =that= be like?



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May. 9th, 2016 03:05 pm (UTC)
How is Sasha doing? I remember you used to write a lot about him before he moved out, but very little after. I had just started following your posts around that time, so I didn't know exactly all the circumstances of his moving out, nor did it feel right to ask, but I guess it's been long enough now that I feel a little bolder in inquiring.
May. 9th, 2016 09:19 pm (UTC)
I blogged about the whole thing elsewhere--I'd have to search for the link--but the short version is that Sasha got into behavior that endangered both his brothers and me, so I had to force him to leave the house. He lived in a homeless shelter for a while, and the wonderful people there helped him finish applying for his SSI benefits and section 8 housing. Now he has his own place in Ypsilanti, and he squeaks along on his disability.
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