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Bad Service and Serendipity

Over the weekend, Darwin and I drove down to Royal Oak to have dinner with his son Shane.  We met at an IHop on Detroit's famous Woodward Avenue.

We had no idea the strange turn the evening would take.

The restaurant is a tiny one, long and narrow with a kitchen visible to most of the dining room.  They were fairly busy, but we were seated in short order, with menus to peruse.

It was, however, a long time before a server came by to ask what we wanted to drink.  A different server brought our glasses, set everything down, and fled before we could give our food orders.

Considerable time passed.  We noticed that a lot of people around us seemed to be waiting, too.

Eventually a woman in an assistant manager's outfit came over and took our food orders.  She vanished, and more time passed.  And more.  And more.  A server cleared one of the nearby tables, and it took him four trips because he clearly had no idea what he was doing.

One couple came in with a baby.  They took up a table not far from us, hung around for considerable time, made increasingly annoyed faces, and finally left again.

It was clear now that the restaurant wasn't operating at speed.  We suspected more than one person had called in sick.  However, we weren't in a hurry, so we stuck around, talking and chatting.

The assistant manager came back to report that they'd run out of part of Darwin's order, so could he accept a substitute?  He said he could.  We asked her what was wrong in the restaurant, and she admitted that her cook had called in, and she hadn't been able to get anyone else to come in.  All her servers were trainees today, to boot.

"I'm in the kitchen now," she said.  "I'm the only one who knows how to cook, and I've only been here for six months!"

She dashed away.  I turned to Shane, who was currently working at a fast food place.  "You should apply for a job here.  They'd probably hire you right now."

"No kidding!" he said.

At last our food came.  It took over an hour!  Normally we would have been ticked off, but we were there more to visit than eat, so we didn't mind.

When a server came by, Shane snagged him.  "Are you hiring?  Because I'm looking for work."

"Yes!" the server said.  "Do you want to talk to the manager?"

This sparked a short conversation about how to apply on line and get the right location.  Later, the assistant manager came back.  "Who was looking for a job?" she asked, and we pointed to Shane.  "We definitely need you.  What's your availability?  And let me introduce you to the manager."

On our way out, Shane talked to the manager, who told him to come in for an interview on Tuesday (today).  Ta da!

That was certainly an odd and interesting way to spend an evening.



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May. 17th, 2016 03:51 pm (UTC)

Best of luck to Shane.  I hope he finds a good opportunity there.

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