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Links I don't click on:
--Anything that uses the phrase "mind blown"
--Or "will blow your mind"
--Or "what happens next will . . . "
--Or "share when you find the . . . "
--Or "share when you solve the . . . "
--Or "90% of readers won't share this" (Now we just need to work on the other 10%.)
--Or "This major event in space is happening any second! Click here to learn more about how fake it is!"
--Or "What's your ____ (porn/superhero/goddess/herb/drug dealer/bigfuckingidiot) name chosen at random by our computer while we vacuum up your personal information?"
--Or "The evil candidate you've been supporting is evil because . . . evil! Click on this exaggerated headline to find out why!"
--Or "I can't believe how cruel these awful, explicit animal photos are!"
--Any "news" brought to us by a blog site with an agenda. (Either find a real news outlet or go find a real hobby.)
Things I'm willing to click on:
--This news article (from a real news site) is interesting because...
--This photo is beautiful
--I like this video because...
--This was a very nice person who...
--We had a great time at ...
--More of my opinion (supported by careful reasoning) at my blog...


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(Deleted comment)
May. 30th, 2016 04:55 pm (UTC)
Oh yeah--that one's a good one, too. Because we don't know it's the computer's random number generator.
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