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Memorial Day, 2016

Memorial Day weekend was a get-it-done weekend for us.  I'm still on the killer deadline and had a lot of writing to do.  Saturday night was a poker night (we had a number of unexpectedly powerful hands that made for a lively evening).

Sunday we did a fair amount of gardening.  Darwin finished the mulching.  I planted two Asian lilies near the altar and replaced some of the scorched hanging baskets.  A couple plants that were supposed to be in shade were getting exposure to sun and the poor plants looked sawed in half.  You could see where the line of sunlight went.  I bought different plants, ones that were partial sun and partial shade, and they're much happier.  Now the whole porch and the altar are lush with plant life.  I hope the lilies do well--they've beautiful, with a sweet scent that attract hummingbirds and butterflies.

And Monday . . . Monday turned into something of an accidental adventure . . .


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