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Adventures with Porch Furniture

Memorial Day Monday, I idly mentioned that Darwin and I had been meaning to get some furniture for our front porch but hadn't.

"I'm bored," he said.  "Let's go furniture shopping."

So off we went on an accidental adventure of furniture.

A great deal of back-and-forth, to-and-fro followed.  We went to multiple stores.  We comparison-shopped.  We harrangued sales clerks.  In the end, we were nearly ready to buy a set of brown wicker furniture, but Darwin noticed that once we bought cushions and an end table, the set would cost more than another set we very much liked at a different store, one that came with more stuff.

We keep him around for a reason!

So it was one more trip to the very first store we'd visited.  The furniture in question involved two steel-frame chairs, a loveseat, and a pebbled glass coffee table.  We also bought a green and brown outdoor rug.  Loaded everything onto the truck--oh, how nice it is to have a truck--and we hauled it home.

Naturally, some assembly was required.

Because I'm under deadline and Darwin had the day off, my eminently reasonable plan was for him to put the furniture together while I went back to work.  But it became quickly clear that this was a two-person job, so I came out to help.  I also dragged a grumbling Maksim into the job.

This wasn't Ikea furniture, with thousands of itsy bits. The pieces went together relatively easily, as these things go, though there was one stubborn bolt.  There has to be at least one stubborn bolt.  It's a law of furniture assembly, or something.  The whole thing took rather longer than we intended, and it was well after 9:00 when we finished.  Our accidental adventure continued.

At last it was all done.  We swept the porch, laid down the rug, and arranged the furniture.

The dark green cushions on the chairs exactly matched the shutters on the house and the furniture itself made the front porch look comfortable and inviting.  It needs a few more decorative touches (Darwin vetoed my idea of nude Greek gods, for some reason), but it looks great.  And the chairs are a delight to sit in.  Our front porch faces north and is surrounded by trees, so it stays cool all day, and catches even the slightest breeze.  The furniture makes it the perfect place to sit on a summer afternoon now.


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