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On-Line Ads and Everyone . . . and Me

The New York Times reports that more and more people are using ad-blocking software, and it's putting Internet ad revenues at risk:


I'm one of the ad-blockers, thanks.  I'm quite gleeful about it.

To be frank, I don't mind advertising.  In a more-or-less capitalistic society like ours, providers need to let customers know about goods and services.  I WANT to know about goods and services that are useful or interesting to me.  Espcially awesome books.

However . . .

Advertisers can't keep it in their pants, can they?  Ads are obtrusive.  They leap off the screen at me, demanding that I click on them, and they deliberately hide the toggle that closes them, or make them impossible to click on.

Ads are deceptive.  They hide themselves, pretending to be news stories or quizzes or blogs or games, then snatch up my personal information and shout, "BUY MY SHIT! BUY MY SHIT!" at me.

Ads are sexist.  They shove boobs and asses in my face, and I really, really don't want to look at boobs and asses.  I don't want to see photoshopped people who look like alien manequins on my screen.  I don't want to see women snipped into pieces or put into sexual positions or made into objects or done up as sexualized children.

Ads are thieves.  They try to vacuum up my personal information and track me through the web, shoving more ads in my face. They want my name and address and age and location and job.  There's no piece of me that doesn't interest them.  It's like being surrounded by begging lepers.

If ads were tasteful and subtle and honest, I'd happily surf without using ad-blocking software.  I'd even click on an ad to see what this interesting product is.

But I will never, EVER, in my wildest dreams or greatest nightmares, click on a pop-up, deceptive, sexist, thieving advertisement.  Advertisers whine that people like me are breaking the Internet. It hasn't occurred to them that the problem doesn't lie with me.

It lies with them and their ads.
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